Under Armour, Finally

‘Price is Premium’ is something that we used when selling banking products. But I couldn’t live up to the concept when I was in US last and was looking for a premium running shoe.

Everyone at that time was crazy about Under Armour, but I found them too expensive for someone who was looking for a bargain at the store sales.

I thought about it again now, when I was searching for running shoes with plans to take part in a forthcoming marathon, actually no, a 10 kilometre run.

Amazon Festive Season sales show discounts of over 50%, but it’s still expensive.

What if it’s just a craze and the good old brands like Nike would just be the same or sometimes better!

And there are far more selection with matching discounts. As such I settled for this Nike with colour matching the age that I want to be in.

Then the T-shirt which could be ‘cool’ in the literal sense, can do the job.

My first Under Armour.

Under Armour, Finally