Doomsday Predictions in Plenty, We Need Solutions

Rainbow Seen Over Kochi Backwaters

Noah’s Ark when finally landed after the floods was greeted by a huge rainbow, believed to be God’s signal of end of such punishment.

World is hiding from the spreading Coronavirus and nobody is saying it’s over. We don’t know if the Kochi rainbow is a signal that worse is over, but what we hear is doomsaying by so called experts.

Perhaps it’s correct, it will remain in a bigger or smaller way, till a vaccine is found and available or till human race become immune.

While most people raise the issue without a solution, there are sporadic voices about the precautions and resistances that we can build.

One such advice is to boost body’s immune response. Intermittent Fasting, of which I am a strong proponent is regarded as one key solution in boosting immunity.

It’s time that we lose focus on TikTok videos, Cooking and eating binges and concentrate on good steps like Intermittent Fasting and sensible lifestyle to stay ahead.

Doomsday Predictions in Plenty, We Need Solutions