Oil Pulling! Watch Namita Lal.

Namita Lal, successful banker, senior Standard Chartered Bank colleague, Actor, Movie/ Theater Producer/ Director, International award winner, singer, has just released a YouTube video on oil pulling.

We look at such a personality and then watch her walking the red carpet in the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood, Cannes Film Festival, International Film Festivals, receiving awards and all, and then say ‘hey I know her’.

‘Nutsaboutme’ is what she describes her amazing talents which match or even rival her successful banking career record.

That’s why, when I saw her video on oil pulling, I thought of featuring her in my blog and introduce my friends to this amazing person.

I had blogged about oil pulling, some three years back and received a lot of interest among friends.

Watch Namita on YouTube and learn more about it and enjoy the cute presentation of how and why we do oil pulling.

Subscribe to her channel and I can assure that we will be rewarded with more from her.

Enjoy !

Oil Pulling! Watch Namita Lal.