It’s Barbecue Time

The Barbecue set up in the balcony has been idle for sometime and perhaps it’s time to activate it!

Somethings are required for a proper barbecue like the meat, friends etc. And since they were not available immediately, I decided to innovate.

That’s when I remembered Bangalore days and the occasional visits to ‘Barbecue Nation’ which has a riot of meat and fish constantly appearing on skewers on the grill in front of you, till you surrender by lowering the flag.

It was not meat alone and barbecued pineapple were as good. Hence I decided to use the pineapple I had.

How to marinate the cut pineapple! That’s where innovation comes in!

Just a minute, before innovation there’s google. It has mostly grilled pineapple and I found one under Barbecue.

And I looked for ingredients and couldn’t find anything other than salt and lime.

Marinated with available ingredients such as salt, lime juice, zest, pepper powder, chilli & date sauce.

In the recipe’s comments, someone suggested pouring some rum and I did.

And then the best judge is wife and I passed with flying colours. She liked it very much.

It’s Barbecue Time