Know Your Real Enemy! And Don’t Keep Him Closer!

I am reminded of the smart saying ‘ keep your friends close and your enemies closer’.

Well, perhaps we have been doing that inadvertently with regard to the plight of the roads in our area, except perhaps that the friends are not kept close.

Driving through the completely destroyed roads and wading alongside three flyover constructions on the nearby highway, have made us lose even the common sense.

The roads were dug up by local authorities and their fearless contractors some six months back and they have perfected the art of giving responses to any representations in such a way that someone else is blamed or they lie and promise the moon.

And in the highway, one flyover constructed 2 years back broke and the two others under construction practically stopped work while the jury is out on the first one.

What we do is to drive through abusing the fellow drivers for switching lane, overtaking or honking and for the many wrongs they don’t do.

I attended a protest rally and collectively we realised that the real enemies are taking us for a real rough ride.

So the resolution is to unite and take things on our hands. Get involved, tell the authorities what is required and supervise the works so that the usual hanky-panky is difficult and work done on our terms.

Keep the real enemies such as the municipal corporation, the water authority, the gas people, the electric, the phone, cable TV, administration and their paymasters the contractors closer to us as the enemies.

I can give a personal message to myself “be emphatic, keep all the choicest abuses that I ever learned for the enemies kept closer and spare the fellow innocent driver victims”.

Something like ‘Dictatorship of the proletariat’!

Know Your Real Enemy! And Don’t Keep Him Closer!

When The Public Is Taken For A Ride!

“Beware of murky potholes on dug up roads”. The headlines of the leading newspaper today reads like a statutory warning.

Roads in many parts of Kochi, Kerala are dug up just before the elections in April and nobody did anything about it till now.

Apparently the election code didn’t allow repairs- B.S.

And nothing can be done now! The monsoon has started. And this headline on the newspaper is insult to injury.

Sadly the newspaper has chosen to come up with an eye catching news than to be the fourth column for voicing the plight of the innocent victims- the road using public.

Nobody clearly knows why some of the relatively good roads were dug up, not only on one side, but both sides! Some say it’s water pipes, some it’s gas connection and yet another say it’s digital installations. Perhaps they were looking for some previous installations which they have forgotten where they installed.

And there’s news that there are plans to dig through the middle of the road.

How can anyone be permitted to meddle with public property and walk away leaving the mess behind with immunity.

How can elected representatives sleep after causing this havoc to the people they are duty bound to look after.

The authorities responsible are quoted as saying that any restoration work would be after the rains, which is some three months. By then the roads will be rivers with deadly traps for people and vehicles.

Time for action! Or is the silent majority is destined to suffer in silence!

When The Public Is Taken For A Ride!