When You Know Something Is Great; Say It.

Yachters Djillali Zaknoun from France and Patrycja Lukasiewicz from Poland on their ‘around the world in a yacht’ journey were berthed in the only International Marina in India, Kochi.

We were truly amazed at their adventures, having been on the high seas for the past four years, visiting countries across the world.

They were in Kochi, Kerala for the past two weeks and are off to Djibouti on the lovely yacht Dona Zita, and will be finally back in France by September 2019.

We made friends with them and took them to some interior locations in Kerala such as the beautiful Munnar, Vagamon and even to our ancestral house.

Though we introduced them to our friends, Sunu (my wife) thought that they should have some real publicity.

The great organiser and good in contacts that she is, she got hold of reporters from national newspapers ‘The Hindu’ and ‘ Indian Express’.

The enthusiastic reporters visited the sailors on their boat and interviewed them and published the story in the respective newspapers.

The picture is of the coverage in ‘The Hindu’ and even we are in the photo when we took them for a vegetarian meal which they prefer.

Pat and Dji Dji were extremely happy and collected sufficient number of copies of the newspapers so that they have a new story to tell in their voyage.

I am sure that my wife’s action will assist in generating interest in similar adventurous visitors to come to Kerala. A good step towards tourism promotion.

When You Know Something Is Great; Say It.