Quality Seafood. It’s വെള്ളക്കാന്താരി (Vellakanthari).

We have been telling our new to Kochi friends that we will take them to Vellakanthari for a unique seafood experience. And when we did it today, they haven’t yet stopped singing praises.

We were there before the pandemic and I have even featured it here. It’s by the side road to national highway called ‘Container Road’ in Kochi, just 150 meters from the toll plaza. The place is managed and served 100% by women, and most pleasant and friendly for that matter.

What we get there! Everything fishy, yes fish prepared in many ways, exquisite prawn fries, crabs, squid, muscles and even fried fish eggs. Interestingly one variety of muscles was listed as oyster in the menu.

I must also say that they have the best Thali meal to go with those huge fill of fish. There’s one thing, one won’t get to taste the Sambar, pulissery and the like as their tomato, dal, shrimp coconut mix greenish yellow preparation is too good not to repeat.

The all women kitchen churns out the best tasting freshly caught seafood at the most affordable prices. It’s a humble small place with limited seating, but just heaven to the visiting customers who flock in their premium cars.

Want to taste seafood in the best form, come to Kochi and seek our company to watch you enjoying your tastiest seafood meal.

Quality Seafood. It’s വെള്ളക്കാന്താരി (Vellakanthari).

ശിവേട്ടൻടെ കട, മീനാണു താരം.

With Shivettan

‘Shivettante Kada (Shivettan’s shop) is a fish specialty local roadside eatery in Cherai beach in Kerala. And it was an ideal lunch place for us celebrating our wedding anniversary at the beautiful resort Indriya Sands in the adjacent sandy beach Kuzhippally.

Interestingly, I am following the restaurant on Instagram. And the place truly lives up to the expectation. Certainly fish is the hero there (മീനാണു താരം).

For the sumptuous lunch we had Karimeen fry, prawns and squid to the set meals. And tasted excellent.

Certainly a must eat place, if you happen to pass by anywhere near.

ശിവേട്ടൻടെ കട, മീനാണു താരം.

It’s Thali Meals; It’s Fish Thali

This time it was not a planned visit to a seafood speciality place, we went there for lunch as it was near to the place where we had to go yesterday in Kochi, Kerala.

And we stumbled upon a novel food plan. This place must interest a thali food lover, particularly the South Indian thali.

For the uninitiated, thali is a wholesome meal served with several small portions of side dishes for the main item rice. And the best of the thalis are usually vegetarian.

We were served the food in the exact style of a thali meal with several small portions of side dishes, pickles and the must have pappadam.

Instead of the usual vegetarian items, the thali had five side dishes of seafood. There was a mackerel fry, fish curry, seafood avial (meen peera style) with fish and calamari rings, dried and powdered prawns, and kallummel kaya (Kerala mussels dish).

Of course there were vegetables and even kappa (tapioca) with ‘uppum mulakum’.

Many of the diners in the packed restaurant were ordering special dishes where they select the fish from the fresh fish display and get their favourite preparation done in the kitchen, like in the oriental style.

We didn’t go for any such specialities as we were in a hurry. But enjoyed the meal thoroughly. A highly recommended place.

Of course there was payasam (kheer) for desert.

And then the price is ₹ 150 for the meal (just over $2).

It’s Thali Meals; It’s Fish Thali

“Vella Kanthari” (White Chilli). The Talk of the Town.

It’s a small place. But people are flocking to this talk of the town seafood restaurant.

We went to this exclusive place on the container road in Kochi, Kerala, and were lucky to find seats without much waiting.

It’s a riot with seafood. You have them all, prepared in the traditional Kerala style. Sunu ordered crab meat and ‘Ayala Pollichath’ and I went for shrimp fry and natholi peera as special orders.

Served on fresh banana leaf, the steaming rice has thalkali koott, sambar, moru, aviyal , mathanga kari, naranga achar and other accompaniments all very tasty and authentic Kerala styled. There was even a payasam for desert.

And most surprising is the price. Just ₹630 ($9) for this feast for us two! ‘Are you sure you counted all’ I had to ask. The lady manager gave a beautiful smile.

I must mention the service. All managed by lovely ladies with charming smile and brimming with confidence. It’s worth going back for this alone.

Had a wonderful meal at an unbelievably low price. My consultant instinct will get me back there with a pricing proposal. Have the right price and at the right number to manage the crowd.

“Vella Kanthari” (White Chilli). The Talk of the Town.