Sometimes It’s Just Words That Answers!

This is sent by a good friend and it immediately struck a cord. Beautiful words that set you off to a fabulous life.

Doesn’t matter if we can’t read the name below it (Bob who) but read the text again, it’s wonderful.

A lot have been said on what’s really important. Gone are the days when it was ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’. They are important but we needed more!

‘To be happy’ appeared revolutionary. But they couldn’t tell us how to be!

That’s when the idea of self love came up. It’s unique, impactful and makes sense.

Remember the aircraft security announcements. When it comes to oxygen masks, it’s ‘help yourself before attending others’.

That’s exactly the point. We have to know us as individuals and then others will see us and turn to us. Who said we advocated selfishness. It’s just saying that Charity begins at home.

It will be wonderful if we can set the goal to decide our life is our own.

And watch the start of a new life!

Sometimes It’s Just Words That Answers!

Afraid Of Being Called Narcissist. But Take A Look!

‘Self love’, ‘me too moment’ are trending along with the age old obsession of I, me, myself.

Excess of any of these or probably all these as they are all the same, is summarised as narcissist.

It’s bad by the sound of it itself. It’s defined to be bad. But it’s trending and people become that without using the name.

So, being in majority is power. But it’s more power when someone lives the definition and stand out among the majority.

One of the easy tests to see if you are in the majority of narcissists is to count the number of times one observes oneself in a mirror, especially the bathroom mirror with no holds barred.

When that’s the test, then count me in.

Me bad! I don’t think so. For one I do it alone in ‘me time’. And we have not heard anywhere that ‘self love’ is bad. I just wonder if it’s the training ground for loving and lovable people.

But the most important is to be happy as a narcissist. Clearly, that’s possible only when what one sees for himself is good.

And when you bare in front of the mirror, it should look good as mirror like number doesn’t lie.

So one should look good. You can possess a pre-arranged face, but everything else is just made. One needs to sweat it out for that V shape and in the case of men like me, to have that chiseled look with muscles flexed to thrush out what it should be the six packs.

See, it’s not all bad, not at all! A lot of hard work and discipline are involved in looking good.

Not bad at all, then!

Afraid Of Being Called Narcissist. But Take A Look!