Hidden Car Accessories

European car manufacturers sometimes don’t give spare tyres as their tyres are good for another 200 kms after a puncture.

However, some of them have started providing spare tyres to Indian car buyers who are used to spare tyres and punctures.

However, the car design does not accommodate a hidden cavity in the boot for this extra tyre and having it in the luggage space means less luggage capacity.

When I bought the car in August 2017, I did enquire about a air filling device for the tyres. The dealer said it’s not available for the car.

I then found a reasonably priced machine in COSCO in US and promptly bought it.

Last week, after some 19 months of purchase, I visited the dealer to check the tyre pressure. When I told the dealer about my COSCO product, he said my car had it and showed it on another car of the same model.

The explanation was that even they didn’t know about it till recently.

And yesterday I checked my car and when I opened the secret storage space, I found it (picture 1) and surprise, there’s another one. A cute tool and solvent for fixing a puncture (picture 2).

It pays to verify what your car has!

Hidden Car Accessories