Build Facilities, Will Win.

Jayanagar Sports Complex, Bangalore

The basketball court in Jayanagar now got the board supported by the crane like structure. What it does is that the players can concentrate on scoring without fear of a head injury, hitting the post when it was nearer to the play field like it was before.

In fact I see such facilities coming up or constantly getting improved in Bangalore. The swimming pool complex in Jayanagar is getting upgraded to Olympic standards. There are 50 meters pools and heated pools in many places.

First five of the 25 states in medals tally in Masters National Games in Vadodara

Certainly it’s the facilities and opportunities that put the state of Karnataka, way above in the medals tally.

I do hope that other states would take notice and build sports infrastructure. After all, health wellness are equally important to winning medals.

Some campaigning will be in order.

Build Facilities, Will Win.