Lockdown Fitness to Emerge Stronger!

All these activities in one day which separately burned 1329 calories! Perhaps it’s possible only in a lockdown situation.

There are clear objectives, to come out intact. Competitive swimming to continue and at least the swimming muscles should be worked out.

The ambition of wearing a six pack should be kept alive. Strength Training included but without weights.

Apple Watch got quite confused with swimming. But it insisted on using the water eject button after the session.

So far so good. The show must go on!

Lockdown Fitness to Emerge Stronger!

Workout Well and Think Hard.

I learn most from my young friends and it’s one of them, a Harvard trained medical research student, who introduced to me how the brain exercise compliment overall fitness.

I have been contemplating on regulating my workout schedule to stay fit, train for the next level in swimming competition and become a worthy fitness consultant, when the new dimension comes into attention. Exercise the brain by thinking hard.

While the planned workout schedule of yoga, swimming and weights could border extreme workout at my age, I am a novice when it comes to challenging the brain.

That’s I avoid crossword puzzles, complex maths, chess, riddles and even scrabble. The same young friend introduced ‘Dopamine’ to me sometime back and I let it pass thinking it’s complex.

My thought process and thus any brain challenge is like that of an idiot. Now I have to think how to change it. And it’s complex and hard. Perhaps that’s just the beginning of challenging the brain.

I can feel the brain is in attention and what’s required, perhaps, is to pursue the thinking process though difficult and very hard.

Yes, think hard!

Workout Well and Think Hard.

Intermittent Fasting- The Best Wellness Program.

Today I am completing one year in Intermittent Fasting. I started it on 19, January 2019 when my friend from Kuwait asked my opinion about it, citing very positive changes to her friend who was on the fasting.

I am mostly devoted and strict with the schedule ever since.

It has changed my life in a very positive way. Right now I am preparing for a national level swimming competition in February. I am looking at developing my dream six packs.

I am also much more positive in life. I am even looking for movie acting roles after a chance appearance in a Malayalam movie, acting as the president of India. I even think positively to a classmate’s comment that I could be the lucky Mascot for the hugely successful movie.

Autophagy is my target in Intermittent Fasting and as such I supplement fasting with some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which alone could usher in autophagy. For this I do intense sets of swimming with Interval rests.

I am slowly getting into a swimmers body shape which comes with six packs.

I feel and perhaps look much younger to my actual age.

The only problem to mention is the ‘Dawn’s Phenomenon’ I seem to have developed. That’s my blood glucose reading of 85 in the early morning hours, going up to like 130 as I progress into fasting. Some say Dawn’s is okay, but I need to get out of it.

I run a whatsapp broadcast group on Intermittent Fasting. This is a broadcast group and privacy and phone numbers are kept confidential.

I am happy to have more interested members and the benefits of sharing experiences and opinions in the group are highly beneficial.

I must also add that I lost 8 kgs in the program, while eating well during the eating window. This is in spite of the muscles I have built on.

If interested, send a message to my whatsapp number +91 9400056031. I will add you to the group, which I am sure you will enjoy and benefit.

I will have the satisfaction of sharing my wellness experience to the group members and by being the mentor to the group.

The learnings from group members are priceless.

Happy IF anniversary to me!

Intermittent Fasting- The Best Wellness Program.

Practice, Practice; Aim for the Moon and Train to Reach at least the Rooftop!

Having qualified to compete in the National Masters Swimming Meet, I have been working on the technique and for the first time under coaches.

The immediate target is the National Masters Games at Vadodara, Gujarat. But I am a dreamer and I am doing what dreamers do usually.

The next step is the World Masters Games in Kansai, Japan in 2021.

That’s it, the eyes are on participating in the World Games and for that I have to do well in the National level.

Going for a disciplined training and hope the body will cooperate to get through the rigour.

Practice, Practice; Aim for the Moon and Train to Reach at least the Rooftop!

I Have Done It. On Cloud 9, Ecstatic, Even Self Actualised!

That’s two gold medals and two silver medals in the Kerala Masters Swimming Competition in Tiruvandapuram.

It’s in my age group which actually makes it more satisfying.

The two golds are in the 50 and 100 meters breaststroke. But the two silvers are also quite satisfying as I came behind my college days pal, swimming champion and coach.

Something to be absolutely happy about. And the news is that I might have qualified for the national masters swimming competition in Vadodara in the state of Gujarat.

That’s something to work for.

Watch this space.

I Have Done It. On Cloud 9, Ecstatic, Even Self Actualised!

Apple Watch And Swimming

I do some serious swimming six days in a week. Of late I have changed my swimming style to two laps each of freestyle and breaststroke, alternating and pausing for a few seconds after each fast lap.

The pausing has two intentions, one to stabilise the breath and the other related reason of converting the exercise into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

And I do sixty laps in the 18 meters pool for a total of 1080 meters.

Apple Watch is used to keep the count and it used to count accurately and also used to list the style of swimming and the distance in that style in the summary.

To be more efficient, I started viewing YouTube videos of training on the styles. It certainly helped and speed increased. It seems to be helping in my dream goal for sporting a six pack.

But look at the summary in the picture. It should have recorded 522 breaststroke and 558 freestyle (29 and 31 laps respectively). But it’s only 414 freestyle and where are the 144 butterfly strokes coming from!

Perhaps Apple Watch is unfamiliar with the almost Olympic style freestyle swimming and got confused with butterfly strokes for some of them.

It shouldn’t be, as in freestyle the hands move in opposite direction and for butterfly both hands move concurrently.

It used to be accurate earlier when I was less stylish.

Will Apple Company take a look. I am tagging them here.

Apple Watch And Swimming

If Not The Happiest; Certainly Most Satisfying!

That’s when I swim here, in the river I grew up.

Most satisfying and happy to be in the water and swim forever, deeply lost in the happy memories of childhood and the many many stories around this river.

The water used to be like this or better for about 10 of the 12 months a year. But it’s good only when it rains heavily.

Now’s the time and I won’t miss it.

This particular area is named ‘vattakkayam’ meaning a round and deep water body. It’s the deepest and widest part of the beautiful river flowing down from the mountains.

And it’s right in front of the house i grew up in.

Right now it’s some 7 1/2 feet deep. The current is strong, perhaps camouflaged by the depth of the water.

As such it’s a good swim against the current.

And I must say that it aides my precious dream of wearing a six pack, the outline of which is probably seen.

The swim against the strong current certainly aides the process. And it’s a clear motivation to be swimming for over an hour alone.

Correction, I was accompanied by the many heroic and sweet childhood memories in the river.

And of course the six pack dream.

Certainly most satisfying and happy.

If Not The Happiest; Certainly Most Satisfying!

That’s When I Realised I Am Not 30.

The swimming competition in our yacht club was fun. I was competing in a sprint event after a very long time.

As there were just two participants in the designated age bracket for me, the organisers clubbed us into the 30+ age bracket.

And I came fourth and was wondering why I couldn’t come first.

Then the people started coming to me, congratulating for the great achievement.

That’s when I realised I am not 30. Comments like ‘at the age of .. (well I am not printing the age) you were super’ were sincere and appreciative. And I thank them for that.

I was even presented with a medal.

The competition and the opportunity to play water polo after a long time have come at the right time. Our team won.

The sprint event helps me in changing from the monotonous endurance swimming of one plus kilometres non stop to interval exercise of fast swimming. This complements Intermittent Fasting which I am following.

And water polo gives opportunity to get involved in a group game.

On the whole, the competition has been a good booster.

I am an athlete again.

That’s When I Realised I Am Not 30.

I Am An Athlete Again!

I just enrolled for the swimming competition by the Yacht Club here, where I am a member.

I am competing in the 50 meters freestyle and 50 meters breaststroke events for the 40+ age group.

I do swim, but for the last several years, I have been doing an endurance training where I have been swimming non stop for one to two kilometres with a mix of freestyle and breaststroke.

But the steady pace of that swimming will not get me anywhere near the other competitors.

That means I have to train for the speed swimming. And I have just a week before the event.

So, yesterday I did 5 sets each of 50 meters freestyle and breaststroke, trying to maintain a good speed.

Out of breath each time, but I hope to get into the correct pace in a few days.

There’s another issue also. For the endurance swimming, I get into the pool using the steps, but for the competition, I need to take the starting dive.

I did dive 10 times yesterday. Here also I should get better.

I made such a huge impact and splash of water on each dive. Perhaps a good strategy to upset the rhythm of the swimmers on the left and right. HAHA.

There’s a positive also. My intermittent fasting is best complemented with some interval exercise. Speed swimming and rest after each set is interval training.

I Am An Athlete Again!