It’s Impressive Mate! Good in Australia!

When you are a cricket lover and not an Australian, you tend to wish anyone playing against Australia to win in cricket.

May be that you are intimidated by the skills of the great Aussie players, or with the other specialisation in something called ‘sledging’ that has caused this peculiar behaviour among other fans.

As such, I took this Australia tour like any other and was looking forward to such an outcome.

But there are already a few things which I would say quite brilliant.

The trains in Sydney are a pleasure to travel in. There are three levels of seating with seats resembling the British Rail.

In UK, there are seats facing both directions and some middle ones with a table in front of two sets of three seaters facing each other.

It’s all good when six good friends sit on both sides. But not so good when there are strangers jostling for table space.

It doesn’t happen in Sydney. The seating system is flexible with backrest cushioned on both sides. And you can move the seats to face in the forward direction. Or two rows facing each other when six friends get in. Of course the table space is not in the plan.

Quite a brilliant idea.

And then the travel card Opal! I used the card on the train and on two ferries on Sunday. The exit taps from Ferry showed the same balance with a message ‘Happy?’.

Apparently Ferry is free on weekends. And if you want to write about the waterway and huge Ferry, you need another book.

Something impressive. And I am sure there are more surprises awaiting me.

I am impressed mate!

It’s Impressive Mate! Good in Australia!