It Tastes Better With Traditions!

A hot coffee or tea from the roadside while on a drive is quite refreshing.

Coffee and tea get ingrained into our daily routine as a necessary beverage.

And there comes the likes of Starbucks, taking the beverage to different levels. Convenience brings in disposable cups with combinations and additives trying to justify the price.

That’s when one yearns for a quiet coffee or tea, sitting down at home or restaurant, sipping it in a regular porcelain cup.

And then, once in a while you drive rural and get refreshed in a roadside stall. Coffee and for that matter Kerala tea are frothed in glass tumblers, making it uniquely tasty.

Well, then glass tumblers have something to do with it.

So I am here with my coffee in a glass tumbler and it’s better.

It Tastes Better With Traditions!

Tea Gardens- Beauty Spots of Munnar

It’s like a pedicure and manicure to nature that the tea gardens give to the natural beauty of hill resort Munnar.

I felt a love affair being developed with this beauty on our visit there this last weekend.

Of course, there are many other places and things to see and do in Munnar, the best resort spot one can get to. But Munnar is mostly about the tea gardens.

Aided by the mild wintery weather of the hills and prevalence of world class resorts, tourists rush to this heavenly abode in ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala.

A tea factory visit is a must to understand the process involved in making the tea that we are so fond of. Green and black tea are touted as health drinks, but I would recommend a cup of garden fresh tea with milk and sugar.

There’s something personal here, as my childhood memories are fresh with the aroma of the tea factory that my parents owned in our small town. Now rubber plantations have taken over the tea and the factory.

Tea Gardens- Beauty Spots of Munnar