Beauty In Flowers

One of the blessings of a mildly cooler climate is the lusciously beautiful flowers growing in plenty.

Ooty and Coonoor in the Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu state in India, fit into the said category.

The roses in the picture collage are in the Rose Garden in Ooty. Despite or because of the plentiful flowers, flower show and beauty, Ooty is desperately crowded.

While adjacent Coonoor is different. The hilly landscape is layered with beautifully manicured tea gardens.

One of the positive fallouts of large tea gardens is the absence of intimidating crowd. And that alone makes it a better place to enjoy the beauty of nature and the blessings of mild weather.

Too much of anything is usually not good. Same is the case with weather. The moment a mild deviates into extreme, life becomes hazardous.

Cold weather slows people down, like the hot weather. And it’s interesting to see how people react in either case.

Winter is managed with protection garments making people over clothed and uncomfortable.

Similarly in hot summer, people sleep with airconditioners on full blast and then hiding under thick blankets to avoid suffering of freezing temperatures.

We do well in adapting to what nature has to offer and appreciate the positives like these beautiful flowers.

Beauty In Flowers

Tea Gardens- Beauty Spots of Munnar

It’s like a pedicure and manicure to nature that the tea gardens give to the natural beauty of hill resort Munnar.

I felt a love affair being developed with this beauty on our visit there this last weekend.

Of course, there are many other places and things to see and do in Munnar, the best resort spot one can get to. But Munnar is mostly about the tea gardens.

Aided by the mild wintery weather of the hills and prevalence of world class resorts, tourists rush to this heavenly abode in ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala.

A tea factory visit is a must to understand the process involved in making the tea that we are so fond of. Green and black tea are touted as health drinks, but I would recommend a cup of garden fresh tea with milk and sugar.

There’s something personal here, as my childhood memories are fresh with the aroma of the tea factory that my parents owned in our small town. Now rubber plantations have taken over the tea and the factory.

Tea Gardens- Beauty Spots of Munnar