The Queen’s Gambit. Completely Watchable.

I liked this Netflix series very much. It’s not only that I am a sports enthusiast. There’s much to the story.

The competitive spirit, will to win and the passion are all there.

There are somethings more to it. Resilience, free will, comradery, addiction, sex are all portrayed brilliantly.

The friendship and support from those players who were defeated hollow, are amazing.

And finally the fantastic gesture of the world champion who surrendered to the young female champion.

Everyone played their roles well. It’s interesting how the nine year old orphan, Beth Harmon, learning chess from the Janitor Mr. Shaibel who is a solid character in the drama.

I am most attracted to the way Beth playing the game in her mind, visualising the game board and the moves on the ceiling.

There’s something for me to take away here. I am going to picture the Kansai world Master Games swimming pool and practice my strokes for a gold medal.

Queen’s Gambit, by the way is a chess opening with the white attacking, forcing the black to defend correctly.

Highly recommended to watch.

The Queen’s Gambit. Completely Watchable.