Healthy, Traditional and Exotic!

I am always amazed at my wife’s ability to cook many exciting dishes simultaneously when she’s in the kitchen.

I am not a cook, but I have the passion for it. My focus is to make exotic, traditional and healthy items. And I used to do that by making one item once in a while.

Yesterday I decided to make a change. To do a multitasking, like my wife. And here’s the result.

1. Hulled barley boiled, 2. Chakkakuru mezhukkupuratty and 3. A copy of manga thera.

With health in focus and since the usual grains like wheat and rice are unhealthy, I followed expert advice and made barley rice. It’s almost like boiled brown rice with a welcome nutty taste.

Chakkakuru mezhukkupuratty is as traditional as karimeen fry to a Keralaite. This dish of jackfruit seeds is so very good.

And manga thera (Mango Bars) is the most exotic and time consuming item. Here’s a quick fix, just to prove that next summer, I could be making the weeks long process of real manga thera.

On the whole a very satisfying day of multitasking in cooking.

Healthy, Traditional and Exotic!

Cooking Prawns. A Successful Journey Into The Unknown.

I did it, and it’s the most yummy!

We got some fresh prawns straight out of the net of fisherman. Circumstances made me the only cook available to see that the freshness is not lost in the freezer.

Googled a traditional recipe and found something which could be my favourite, ‘prawns with thengakoth (coconut slices).

Marinated the cleaned and about half kilo prawns with salt and kudampuli (cambogia) washed again and drained.

Put in a hard bottom Cooking vessel and added the following ingredients- one sliced onion, 6 shallots, half coconut flesh sliced, 6 garlic pods, one inch ginger finely cut, one tablespoon chilli powder, 3/4 tablespoon coriander powder, 1/4 tablespoon turmeric, one pinch of fenugreek powder.

All mixed well and cooked with water enough to be just below the prawns.

In a separate pan diced some curry leaves and a teaspoon of mustard in coconut oil. Added to the almost cooked prawns with more coconut oil and salt to taste. Covered and cooked till dry.

And it turned out Yum yummy yummiest. Believe me.

(Published in my broadcast group titled ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness’ where I have my experiments with traditional food and delicacies. Prawns is bold and happily successful).

Cooking Prawns. A Successful Journey Into The Unknown.

A Pineapple Revolution In The Offing. Wine and Jam!

As posted in the broadcast group ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness:

Pineapple Jam.

There’s a pineapple revolution taking place in Kerala. Rubber plantations are on the decline and pineapple cultivation is happening in earnest. Kerala government has decided to grant licence for wine production and I can see pineapple wine in a big way. Perhaps it may rival grapes and we even may have wines of the best pineapple region Vazhakkulam, branded as “VAZHAKULOGNE”. Here I made pineapple jam from memory with a big ripe pineapple. A little bit of Chef’s innovation has been there. I crushed half the skinned pineapple in Nutribullet and cut the other half into small slices. Added water, sugar (preservative) and placed on the stove for boiling. When it was half done added Kerala spices of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. One table spoon of gelatine and lime squeezed are also added. Continued on small fire for the right constituency and taste. Delicious 😋

A Pineapple Revolution In The Offing. Wine and Jam!