The Best Bread Pudding Ever! All for Myself.

Sunu’s way of celebrating my birthday is with the bread pudding that I like best. Candles are lit on the pudding instead of the cake.

Here’s something very special. She made the best bread pudding and ensured that it’s all for me. It’s special with lots of love as it’s not a personal occasion for me, but it’s our wedding anniversary.

She made it secretly and did the topping with my favourite component to make it exclusive for me.

The component is the Kerala traditional bread pudding topping of whipped egg white, lemon juice and sugar. Sunu can take only cooked egg!

I used to request her to have the topping on one half of the pudding so that we could share the delicacy.

I am greatly indebted to this selfless gesture.

Happy Anniversary to us ❤️

The Best Bread Pudding Ever! All for Myself.