Autophagy, the Watchword in Wellness.

Autophagy, a Greek word meaning self-eating is a Nobel Prize winning subject. Perhaps no other medical term is implying more positivity in wellness.

Benefits of autophagy are numerous. We have prevention or repair to many horrific things like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, inflammation, heart health, diabetes and even aging.

I think I have the attention from you now.

Three ways are mentioned as inducers to autophagy.

1. Diet

2. Intermittent Fasting

3. Regular exercise (high intensity, interval)


High in natural good fat, moderate in protein ( too much protein inhibits autophagy) and low in carbs especially non fibre carbs.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting, if possible every day (preferably) for a minimum of continuous 16 hours. When you eat during the eating hours, take a look at item 1 Diet

Preferably high intensity interval workout

High intensity is better than moderate and interval training is better to continuous and moderate workout.

Well, each one of the three can induce autophagy to an extent. How about doing all in an enjoyable way! Well like all good projects, team work ensures the best results. Hence my constant invitation to join our small broadcast group where even individual identities are kept confidential.

Personally, I am doing items two and three. I am bad on diet during my eating window. Most of it are carbs, that too non fibre like sugar based and starch.

Now I want to do good things with diet. One of the members in the group reduced weight by 14 kgs in about 6 months on diet and ketosis only. Perhaps this addresses the number one priority of a health buff- weight loss.

Incidentally, stress induces autophagy. I remember going through, while on a family holiday in Cancun, Mexico, something called hydro therapy, where stress was induced by methods like coming out of a hot sauna for a dip in ice cold water.

And we see politicians living longer threatening to cross 100 years. Well this one is only a casual observation.

But we need autophagy and all the allied benefits.

Best way is to do in a team. I welcome you again to join the whatsapp broadcast group set for this purpose. You don’t have to worry about other members knowing your contacts. In broadcast group, only the originator (me) has a total view.

Send whatsapp to my number +91 9400056031 or mail:

We are 30 now and can go upto 50 so that I can still give individual attention.

Autophagy, the Watchword in Wellness.

Intermittent Fasting Is Trending.

A few months back, I started a broadcast group on Intermittent Fasting and it’s now proving to be highly valuable.

I started the small group after finding out that the large, mostly Facebook groups with several thousand members are full of stories of achievements beyond our simple imagination.

Our group has mostly known friends and relations and of course there are a few who joined after open invitation on this blog site. And it has the person who got me into IF as a valuable member.

We have not grown much in size, but grown definitely on content. The stories and articles exchanged have made IF a definite way of life. And I am happy to say that the greatest endorsement is with a Nobel Prize in Physiology (medicine) in 2016.

The Noble laureate Japanese doctor is talking about damaged cell repair and new human growth hormones as a result of fasting. Wow, that’s something incredible!

And it’s not the weight loss that is important. IF and the ‘autophagy’ that it can bring about is our best chance for a healthy life. Benefits include in areas such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, inflammation, blood pressure, arthritis, heart health etc etc.

Like all statutory warnings, diabetics are advised to consult the doctor before doing IF. Actually, one of the significant gains in IF is blood glucose stability and insulin control. And like all those taking anticipatory bail, I would also say ‘do consult your doctor, but definitely give it a try’ to those with elevated sugar levels. Those with low sugar issues, may concentrate on its treatment, and take doctor’s consent before joining in.

By the way, weight loss is just a side effect and not the primary goal. But it’s there with better toning up and glow.

Like I said before, being a whatsapp broadcast group, members keep their privacy and none except me will know who the fellow members are. However, I take the extra effort of sharing with the group any feedback without giving the identity of the contributor.

And this sharing and support is at the centre of the success of the group.

We can take more members and I sincerely invite you to come on board and share in the exclusive program with guaranteed success.

Whatsapp me on +91 9400056031 or mail me on

To give an inside information, almost everyone who has started the program has reported improved energy levels. And acknowledged that the support from the group, though anonymous is the incentive to stick on.

Intermittent Fasting Is Trending.

Green Initiative, And It Could Be Fun!

The land is cleared, but it’s not to be left like that. Our intention ought to be to see that we plant trees wherever possible. Well, I don’t have to talk about the importance of more and more trees on earth’s surface.

It’s not always easy, some people can do it as passion, some for profit and is there another way! Perhaps yes, there could be a fun element brought in to the process.

And if it’s possible, why not go for it! One thing is clear, you can’t bring in the fun element alone. You need friends, partners and some accompaniments to do that.

So, this is barren land, and suppose sufficient water is available. Then let’s see how we can fill the place with trees and make it look like the desired planet earth.

Suppose there are organisations promoting tree plantations. Well, go for support.

The location is not just outside any house. Then supervision and maintenance are to be managed. Perhaps this can be done by a group of interested people.

Are there people who are tree lovers and would get involved as passive partners. Here again, there could be many of them.

Then, if we have a number of people interested, why not some fellowship element. Yes, why not. Let there be get togethers and picnic. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or best, when convenient.

And suppose there are a few visitors accommodations in the vicinity! Well then even an overnight party is a possibility.

What goes with green! Perhaps wellness. How about some wellness programs added on!

The trees can be fruit bearing! There’s harvesting festivals as possibility. And of course the products fetch a price and are we looking at profit also?

Sounds like a fun plan. A feasible dream.

Green Initiative, And It Could Be Fun!

When We Need Support, Do It Together!

When we grow older, it’s natural that we look for support. And in the process, one can fall into the trap of letting oneself grow older mentally too.

There are some things we can do to ease the process and avoid the hassles of seeking support from busy people.

By the way, one of the sure shots for success is to get into the bragging game, quite willingly. And I am happy to admit that I have a doctorate in the art of bragging. You have seen that! Sincerely!

We have had several theories on wellness, which we used to try once in a while and achieve some success, only to lose them all and get into the negative segment, once the routine is changed.

Now, at last, we have a ray of hope. First and foremost is the idea of Intermittent Fasting. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. If we say this mantra quite too frequently, the chances are that we believe in it. If nothing, it’s a placebo.

Wait, it’s not just placebo, the 2016 Nobel Prize was awarded to the study. Intermittent fasting could lead to autophagy which is repairing damaged cells and growing new ones. Growing new cells is actually reversing age, not only mentally, but physically too.

I think I have your attention! And you are welcome to join a whatsapp broadcast group which is already a treasure trove of information.

Here individual identities are hidden and as admin, I only have a global view. And I share contributions from individual members.

A whole lot of information on Intermittent Fasting and the possible accompaniment like exercise and preferred food during eating window are covered and discussed.

The most important is the feeling of doing in a group and the plus of peer group pressure to stay on course. All these without knowing who the other team members are.

We are doing good. I know many of you are interested. Just don’t wait, just do join the group and benefit from the power of team work and share experiences.

By the way, I have just enrolled for a certification as a wellness coach. That’s quite something, isn’t it.

Contact me to join. No pre conditions. Young or older, you are welcome to try it, it’s good and it’s private.

Just send whatsapp number to my +91 9400056031 or e-mail:

See you there!

When We Need Support, Do It Together!

Wellness Coach

There are certain good things which are more sustainable when done in groups. Wellness process, in itself maybe classified under the category.

For example, you have a workout schedule, good diet regimen and some remarkable results out of them, then clearly you want to continue and improve on it.

The problem, perhaps, here is that when such schedule become repetitive, there’s a chance that the mundane process gets somewhat monotonous and boring.

That’s where friends come in. If you can get the schedule accepted and adopted by a close group, the peer pressure alone will get it going.

There’s however a problem! Everyone may not be in zinc, and a physical assistance and monitoring may not be possible. This could result in a lacklustre performance by the group in general.

Is there an alternative! Perhaps yes. Here’s where the beautiful gift of coaching comes in.

I am reminded of one of my super bosses in Standard Chartered Bank who didn’t allow us to use the word ‘training’. ‘We train animals’ he used to say. Clearly ‘coaching’ is the word.

One wouldn’t coach the same people always. That means, you have to have new and different groups for coaching. That makes the coach professionally occupied.

I think I have a good wellness regimen with intermittent fasting, suryanamaskar, yoga, swimming, strength training etc. I must say, i have been sharing the experiences and suggestions in a group titled ‘Intermittent Fasting Group’.

There’s is a potential to expand this and become a wellness coach. Something I must work on.

Wellness Coach

A Whatsapp Group For Better Health is Up. All Are Invited.

This is a broadcast group, meaning individual members keep their privacy and I volunteer to share relevant individual contributions to the group.

I started Intermittent Fasting when one of my friends sent a video on it and started feeling the good results.

Then I was privy to some great videos and articles shared by various friends.

The best was when I chanced on one on autophagy and cell cleansing and rejuvenation. That’s, it’s possible to clean our body cells in addition to fat burning.

Hence the idea of the whatsapp broadcast group named ‘Intermittent Fasting’. It has just entered double digits of membership and deemed to be limited to a manageable number, so that I can filter individual contributions to share to the group.

I am happy to offer membership to my friends here who are interested in this new health program. The idea is to share information and experiences and more importantly to support each other to stay on course of best practices.

If interested, please send your whatsapp number to my email: or to my whatsapp number: +91 9400056031.

A Whatsapp Group For Better Health is Up. All Are Invited.

Autophagy, the Science of Getting Rid of Unwanted Cells in the Body.

Everybody with excess fat in the body, wants to get rid of it.

I am one of them and now follow the intermittent fasting technique with some remarkable success.

When you are in such a program, one of the ways of getting better in it, is to share experiences and support each other, from among similar minded people.

I have a few of my friends supporting and sharing experiences, which is priceless.

Right now we are on a question of what would be the best food choice during the eating window of intermittent fasting.

And now I chance upon a write up on ‘Autophagy’ and there are some tips to get better in what we are doing.

We can’t do everything that’s written as good. But we can pick and choose our own individual routine and see if it works well.

I am now in the process of doing that. Hopefully we will have more interested friends in joining in the support group.

The idea is to get rid of excess fat and now the unwanted cells through the steps in autophagy, while aiming to loose weight, tone up and feel energetic and healthy.

All those who are interested in more information on Intermittent fasting and autophagy are welcome to join in, to share experiences and for mutual support.

Autophagy, the Science of Getting Rid of Unwanted Cells in the Body.