Relief and Reconstruction of the Flood Affected

We have witnessed some unparalleled humanitarian rescue efforts of the Kerala flood victims. Religion, cast, politics etc beat a fast retreat.

Now’s time for cleanup and reconstruction.

Organisations, government, countries and UN have shown willingness.

And politics is slowly creeping in. Questions like Did central government offer enough, look at UAE offering more than central assistance, should we accept money from UN etc.

Let’s keep politics out and please don’t offend good hearts.

I am particularly intrigued at the statements like ‘India is not a poor country, we should not take UN money’ etc.

UN money is nothing but contributions from members and India is a major donor.

And like Britain drew compensation for the mad cow affected farmers from EU fund, India is to receive UN assistance to flood victims, graciously.


Thank You For the Love And Affection

1000 Followers!! My God!

I never imagined this could be possible. I have been here as a humble follower to you great bloggers.

But the love and affection received here has made this possible. This is a proud moment for me. My sincere thanks to you all.

Now that we’re here, I commit my efforts to spread love and goodwill on these pages.

The journey has all of you beautiful companions and together we will create a community of best of friends dedicated to spreading the message of love.

Love you all my beautiful friends 💝


Kerala Floods

I am duty bound to update on my brother’s situation in the flood. He is still in his riverside house and the water has receded. The area is still surrounded with strong water currents and inaccessible by road. Even boats find it difficult to reach.

Thanks to an industrialist relative with workers in the area, my brother is visited three times in the day with food and essentials. As such we are not considering evacuation now.

Thank you all for your prayers.

The real heroes are

the fishermen of Kerala who pressed into service about 600 Fishing boats and rescued most people from seriously dangerous areas. While the dinghies of the armed forces struggled in strong currents and saved 6 or 7 at a time, the fishing boats and local experience of fishermen progressed and rescued 30 plus at one time. Some of the boats were damaged and they didn’t care. I hope those will be repaired free of cost or relief funds paying for it.

There’s a satisfying show of unity and compassion. Stories abound.

But there are some hate campaign. What’s worrying for them is the increasing unity and solidarity those hate rants have produced.


An intervention

We were in tremendous tension when we lost complete contact with our elder brother and family who reside on the banks of Chalakkudy river which was in total fury.

I had asked him to come over, but like many he was comfortable with the three levels of his house, even in case of water entering the ground floor.

No one expected such fury and electricity, landline and mobile batteries died down.

Approach roads were flooded with river flowing rapidly through the roads making it difficult even for boats to go.

We were devastated when the teams coordinated by my nephew in police could not reach and returned by night.

I have been less religious and neglecting prayers, but willingly obliged when my wife asked me to join her in prayers. We said rosary and novena of ‘ Mother of Perpetual Succour’

And I told my Mother’s photo on my bed table, ‘take care of your favourite son’. (I lost my mother in 2001).

Within minutes, my wife got a message from a friend in kuwait saying that she knew the Naval official in charge of rescue operation. He was given the location coordinates of the house.

Almost simultaneously my brother’s son got a call from my brother saying that they are safe and that water has started receding. Also they were given water and bread by an aid boat. The landline worked briefly for him to send the message.

An intervention indeed.


And the Real Heros

Yesterday I wrote about my frustration of being a passive donor to the flood victims. I am yet to find an active way of getting involved to satisfy my wounded pride.

I looked at my wardrobe again and there are numerous outfits that I have not worn for a year or so. And they are in good condition, washed, ironed and kept. And they will move now to a collection centre.

I want to talk about some amazing people who mostly use Instagram in coordinating relief activities. I can see only those of my connections, many of them in our blog community.

And let me stand up while writing about one of them. She’s just amazing. She coordinates everything. Asking for specific assistance, posting help related links and even prescribing medication for aid workers who get in contact with contaminated water.

I got connected to her when a friend shared her post and since i knew her family name, i got her Instagram contact also. I can’t give her identity without her consent.

There are many others like her. True angels.


You’re The Lesser

It’s heartening to watch the dedication and efforts shown by simple people in the flood relief activities.

Clearly, I have a feeling of being the lesser of those many ordinary people, who brave the floods and rain to see that fellow human beings are taken care of.

Particular mention is of fishermen who voluntarily pressed their boats into rescue services all over and they very well match the efforts by armed forces. A big salute to them.

While me, with a lot of international experience and better resources are stuck in my place, watching the relief operations on television.

I wish I could be part of the relief team going deep down into the affected areas and participate in providing relief. I am, a swimming expert, claiming to be the water expert, but I am a nothing in the current grave flood situation in Kerala.

The only thing I am doing is donating money to the distress fund and giving some provisions and clothes to those relief workers collecting for the flood victims.

I should join a relief organisation and get trained so as to be pressed into service at the time of need.

Right now I have this complex of being an inferior person.


Braving The Floods

The silver lining in a situation of unprecedented natural calamity is some touching stories of bravery and empathy.

I am not talking about the commendable rescue operations of the trained personnel from the military, police and other aid agencies. I have some incidents narrated by aid workers.

Two of them are in stark contrast to each other. One is when the aid and rescue boat reached a big house which was ravaged by flash flood.

Two cars parked in the house were partly submerged in mud and lying somewhere in the compound. When the people reached the front door, a lady came out in wet clothes and asked if they would have a nightie. When they didn’t have, she asked for any dry cloth.

An elderly lady inside the house said ‘we have always given in this house, now we are asking’. That’s God’s decision.

Another very touching incident was when food aid essentials were distributed to an area of upper middle class houses. The aid worker notified a very poor looking lady sitting on the roadside and watching the distribution.

When asked why she is not joining the queue, she said pointing to a small tin roofed hut, I live there and water has not entered our house’. ‘We are poor, but right now they are in need’. Take care of them.